Chatham resident and Marist College student Peter Palombo has been named to the Next Generation Committee of Summit-based Family Promise, the national nonprofit leader addressing the issue of family homelessness. 

Millennials (born 1981 - 1996) have surpassed baby boomers as the largest adult generation, and Generation Z (born after 1997) comprises 25 percent of the U.S. population making it the largest generation overall. Often characterized as social and passionate about values, involving these young adults in philanthropy is vital to the future of the nonprofit world. Recognizing the potential impact younger generations can have in the battle against family homelessness, Family Promise formed the Next Generation Committee.   

Palombo joins six accomplished young women and men representing diverse backgrounds and experiences who meet quarterly to brainstorm and devise strategies to engage younger audiences in the battle against family homelessness. Every year, 2.5 million children in the U.S. experience homelessness. Family homelessness is often called “the invisible crisis” as parents tend to hide their situation due to the shame and stigma associated with homelessness and the fear of having their children removed by social services.   

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Palombo, whose past volunteer work has included youth mentoring and working with shelter animals, looks forward to this new opportunity. 

“Family homelessness is a big concern in our country, but many people are unaware of this crisis. I’m excited to help change this and give the issue the attention it deserves,” he says. “My generation is ready to do good in the world. Charities are smart to look to young people to continue their work.” 

Founded in Summit, New Jersey, in 1988, Family Promise offers homelessness prevention services, emergency shelter that keeps families together, and stabilization support for families facing a housing crisis and gives them the tools and skills to succeed independently. The organization has 200 affiliates across the country and serves more than 120,000 individuals each year, with a volunteer corps more than 200,000 strong. For more information about Family Promise and the crisis of family homelessness or to learn how to get involved, go to