Liz Sutula, President of Morris Council 6 union and 28-year employee of the County Clerk’s office has issued a letter of endorsement for Chatham Township resident Shala Gagliardi. Morris Council 6, covering the County Clerk’s office, is one of Morris County’s largest unions.

Liz Sutula, a registered Republican, issued this endorsement stating that while not typically involved in politics, she felt compelled to step forward and endorse challenger Shala Gagliardi. Ms. Sutula has worked in the Clerk’s office for 28 years under the current Clerk and her predecessors. Her working knowledge of the day to day operations in this office give this endorsement an unparalleled level of strength and credibility.

In her letter of endorsement, Ms. Sutula refers to a hostile work environment in the Clerk’s office responsible for the loss of one-quarter of the office staff under the current Clerk’s tenure. She cites contemptuous treatment and mentions attempts to undermine the worker’s union as part of a pattern of mismanagement that has led her to endorse Shala Gagliardi.

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“It’s clearly time for a change. Morris County residents deserve better than a County Clerk who is both incompetent and disrespectful to her employees” states Liz Sutula in her endorsement. The long-time employee goes on to say that “Grossi has spent the past 5 years touting the accomplishments of her predecessor as her own, as well as claiming credit for the work her staff does; not because of her, but because they take pride in the work they do.”

Shala Gagliardi issued this statement in response to the endorsement. “I am honored to have this endorsement. This is more evidence of mismanagement in the Clerk’s Office. Union employees deserve fair treatment. They deserve a Clerk who respects rather than demeans the educational background of the staff, one who doesn’t see herself as overqualified to run the office.”