CHATHAM, NJ – Last May, the township announced it had contracted with an organic company to provide lawn maintenance and management of all its fields. That was a pilot program, now it’s time to go out to bid for a longer-term contract.

Committee member Tracy Ness pulled a resolution out of the agenda, so she could give some background on the resolution (see video below) asking for quotes for lawn care for athletic fields -- Shunpike, Nash, Esternay, and Mountainview, and the Colony Pool Club. Last year committee members Curt Ritter and Karen Swartz voted for using organic materials on the field.

Ness said she wholeheartedly endorsed continuing with the organic field maintenance at the fields.

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Committee member Mike Kelly checked with township administrator Robert Hoffmann on whether the township could advertise for bids “both ways,” organic and traditional lawn care, in the “interest of good government.”

Hoffmann said, the township could. “Bid specifications could be constructed so we could receive alternate bids for organic … or other options, so the governing body can see what the difference is, if there is a difference. Then, they can make a selection.”

Hoffmann said, in the interest of “full disclosure,” he uses the firm that was the low bidder last year and, if that is the low bidder this year, “I will be finding another” and then he paused, and someone suggested, “job.” When the laughter subsided, he said, “No, not another job, you’re stuck with me … I will be finding another contractor for my own needs.”