EAST ORANGE, NJ - The mission statement of Jenn Hecker’s debut biographical novel is, “Unmasked: Becoming a Real Woman in a fake world.” 

From childhood to adulthood, from the classroom to the workplace, Jennifer spares you no important detail as she walks you through her lifelong struggle with being overweight. Through her eyes you see the hostile world we live in, the terrors of creeping self-doubt and how it can result in self-sabotage, and physical agony a human being suffers when the body is unhealthy, the pain that no one else can see. However, the purpose here is so much deeper than simply to cover one human being’s suffering. By taking this retrospective journey with Jenn Hecker, you not only enter the world of a struggling woman, but learn one vital lesson from it all: how she overcame it.

Unmasked is a compelling story that introduces you to success through perseverance. See how a timid young child, who was obsessed with donning masks of perfection to hide her fears and shortcomings, was able to finally remove her last mask and show the world (and her family) her true face. A person who begins as a young child against the odds can become a loving mother, cherished wife, and successful member of the American workforce.

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Hecker is not telling this story for her own sake, but for yours. Being sold in bookstores alongside Unmasked is the Unmasked journal, filled with numerous 21-Day Challenges designed to help you take a cleansing and inspiring journey of your own. Trust in Jenn’s guidance and take the challenges. See how the transition does not occur overnight, but in just a day you can feel your life beginning to change. Step by little step. If you are a person who struggles with being overweight, with feeling like you have to hide your true face from the world for any given reason, this book is what you have been waiting for . If you are a person who has worn masks for so long that your true face is a mystery even for yourself, Unmasked can help you find that answer. 

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