A consistent question and concern that we are asked here at Flo Fitness is; when can my child begin to work out?

Our answer usually surprises the parents at anywhere upwards of eight years old. More and more children are balancing the multi-sport athlete title at a younger age. This phenomena leads to a highly competitive atmosphere where children are perfecting their sports.

Truth of the matter is, train your child as you want them to perform; be it for fun and staying fit, or to develop a strong foundation for a competitive athlete. Ever hear of Wolff's Law? It deals with bone healing and transformation. Simply stated; bone models and remodels in response to mechanical stresses and external loads placed upon it. Therefore, with an appropriate external stressor placed upon bones they proportionately grow. As bones become more resilient and strengthen, this also allows for stronger musclular and connective structures to form. So from a young age, appropriate levels of training is highly benefical to the development of your child athlete's body and also lends itself to a fit physique.

We are currently working with Westfield Lady Blue Devil's Soccer Camp. The soccer athletes range in ages from 3rd to 12th grades. Flo fitness is incorporating dynamic flexibility and mobility with body weight exercises to create a fun and effective conditioning program for the girls. We find that the kids pick up cueing and are very responsive to the workouts we instruct. We help set the foundation to strong, agile and injury free athletes. Practice makes perfect, but it also makes stronger bones!