The Santelli Cetrulo tournaments were held this weekend at the Morristown Armory. More than 40 New Jersey high schools participated at these events and a few NY high schools were also in attendance. This particular tournament was a squad tournament, which means that there were no individual results.  Members of each weapon squad were assigned to a particular strip; the A, B, or C strip.  The A strip is typically reserved for the best fencer on the squad, while the B and C are chosen based on recent performance and their record in tournament settings.  The squads are then split into pools and the A’s fence the A’s , B’s fence the B’s, and C’s fence the C’s.  At the end of the day the squad with the most wins collectively wins the tournament. 

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Chatham’s results were as follows:

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Girl’s overall:  33 of 45

Girl’s Saber:  25 of 45

Girl’s Foil:  41 of 45

Girl’s Epee:  23 of 44

Men’s overall:  24 of 45

Men’s Saber:  18 of 43

Men’s Foil:  39 of 43

Men’s Epee:  13 of 44