Chatham fencing faced off against Morristown in an away meet on Thursday, January 8.  Women’s saber had a rough day; only able to pull 3 victories for the night.  Captain Olivia Fontes won 2 of her 3 bouts. The foil squad carried the day with the first 8-1 squad victory for the women’s foil.  Captain Meghan Maguire and Anna  Pompeo both won all three of their bouts, and Anna Mason won 2 of her 3 bouts.  Anna Pompeo clinched the meet with a 5-2 victory.  Women’s epee also made their mark by adding 5 wins to the tally.  Maddie Covino and Judy Lim both went 2-1.

The men’s team also performed well.  The saber squad won 2 of their 3 bouts in all of their rounds.  Kyle Burns, Miles Chrusciel, and Chris Papa all won 2 of their 3 bouts.  The foil squad got 4 crucial wins throughout the meet.  Senior Austin Huffman won all three of his bouts.  The epee squad had a rough day and were only able to pull out one win before the meet was clinched. 

Women:  won 14-11

Men:   lost 14-13