Citizens’ Campaign today unveiled its new Political Navigator Course which will teach people to be leaders in the body public steering the political conversation away from blame and towards solutions.   People will learn how to use the power of word of mouth as well as media and social networking tools to focus the conversation in their community on solving problems and away from blame and finger-pointing.  An emphasis will be on learning the best ways to find hard facts and evidence to drive discussions.

The course uses Martin Luther King as one of the prime examples of the effectiveness of a no-blame, solutions-oriented approach.

Citizens’ Campaign Chair Harry Pozycki said, “Our problems will only be solved when we move from a politics of blame to one of constructive solutions.   That is why we will be training citizens to be political navigators fostering a competition for the best ideas—instead of the toughest attacks.”

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Pozycki went on to say, “When citizens demand a politics of constructive solutions and common purpose, then politicians whose first goal is to be re-elected, will supply it or be replaced.”

Trained political navigators will receive regular issue updates and tips as well as be encouraged to attend Citizens’ Campaign fact seminars to be taught by experts on topics such as municipal budgets and educational excellence.

“The Political Navigator” is one of five courses offered by the Citizens’ Campaign both in live forums and online at  The others are: 1) how to gain appointed office; 2) how to be a citizen who builds constructive solutions and gets them adopted; 3) how to become a political party committee member; and: 4) how to be a citizen journalist.

The Citizens’ Campaign and its Jersey Call To Service offers a platform of tools and training which give people the ability to get real results and to create an alternative to the politics of blame.