More than 70 children brought their favorite stuffed animals to the Clara Maass "A Beary Healthy Teddy Bear Clinic" on Thursday, July 15, 2010. Clara Maass staff tended to the clinic's many "patients" presenting ailments from tummy aches to broken limbs.

The goal of the Teddy Bear Clinic was to help children familiarize themselves with medical equipment and ease fears of trips to the doctor's office or hospital. As children entered the Clinic, their stuffed animals were given a diagnosis, admitted to the clinic, and then visited a series of medical play stations, which included blood pressure, temperature, listening to breathing sounds with a stethoscope, a check of the ears and nose with an otoscope and an ophthalmoscope, x-rays and a follow-up with a pediatrician. The event ended with a healthy snack.

"We wanted to show children that Clara Maass Medical Center is not a scary place," said Mary Ellen Clyne, Executive Director, Clara Maass Medical Center. "By bringing their stuffed animals in for a check-up they got to see firsthand how our staff can help."

Clara Maass Medical Center is home to a 26-bed inpatient Pediatric Unit which treats both acute and general pediatric conditions. A Child Life Specialist is on staff to support children brought into the Emergency Department and those who are hospitalized. The Pediatric Emergency Department at Clara Maass treats pediatric patients in its child-friendly environment with a pediatric waiting area and treatment areas.