CLARK, NJ – Clark Recreation Director Ralph Bernardo presented the fourth annual “Volunteer of the Year” award at Tuesday evening’s township council meeting.  This year’s award went to Eddie and Anthony Bogash, a father and son team of volunteers.

“These two gentlemen have gone above and beyond volunteering their time to the Clark Recreation Department and the township as a whole,” said Bernardo as he presented the award.  Year after year, event after event, Anthony and Eddie are the first to jump in whenever the recreation department or the township are in need,” said Bernardo.

Bernardo went on to list some of their many contributions to the town, including:

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  • Father and son being the first to arrive and last to leave the annual tree lighting ceremony set up.  (Including Eddie taking a day off from his full-time job to help, according to Bernardo.)
  • Anthony helping after school to assembly things or clean or whatever Bernardo might need at the Recreation department. 
  • Participation in the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  
  • The father and son team just stopping by Bernardo’s office during slow times of year just to see if anything is needed.
  • Anthony attends all four days of the Clark UNICO Italian Feast each year.  From helping vendors, to cleaning and monitoring the grounds, Bogash is a mainstay throughout the feast.    His dad is also at the event and on hand as soon as they close the event to start the breakdown process.

“Anything these two do is always with a smile, calm personality, humor and enthusiasm.  They are assets to the Rec Department and to the Township of Clark.  They exemplify the meaning of hard work, dedication and especially giving of themselves and not expecting anything in return,” said Bernardo as he spoke about his experiences working with the Bogash duo. “Their wit and humor make it a pleasure to know them as well as respect their good character. It is with great pride and pleasure I present Eddie and Anthony with this award.”

Eddie Bogash joined his son Anthony, dressed in his Boys Scout uniform at the podium as they received their awards and congratulation from Bernardo and Mayor Sal Bonaccorso.

Bonaccorso thanked not only the father and son team but the whole family.   “I want to thank the entire family because when you are here doing something, you are not home doing something.” said Bonaccorso.   “…just a wonderful family here in town…great parents, great family and we do appreciate everything.  It’s so nice to have such wonderful people that give so much in our community.”


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