MORRISTOWN, NJ - Research shows that computer science drives innovation.  Computer science and related fields are among the fastest growing fields in the country, yet only 2.4% of college students graduate with degrees in the field, a number that's declining.  Early exposure to coding helps teach children how important it is to understand computers as the valuable tools rather than a place to access games. 

For this reason Unity Charter School has introduced coding to it’s students.  Coding helps students develop logical thinking, problem solving, persistence, collaboration and communication.

Students have the opportunity to explore the limitless world of computing as they learn to code.  The technology curriculum implemented at Unity makes it easy to introduce coding to the students because the lessons foster a progression of skills, grade by grade.  The students learn to program computers through game-like puzzles, tutorials, and projects.

Students also learn the fundamentals of computer programming as they learn how to code.  In addition students create their own interactive games, stories, and art.  Unity Charter School students are growing by leaps and bounds in their understanding of computer programming, and developing 21st century skills they will carry with them the rest of their academic careers.