Many turn-of-the-century glass plate negatives were donated to the historical society by former Millburn residents Anne Smith and Frank Gallitelli, the children of Saverio Gallitelli.

Saverio Gallitelli was apparently given the glass plate negatives when the Denman-Pettigrew household, for which he had worked, was broken up. Mrs. Denman was the sister of Mr. Pettigrew, with whom she lived in his home on Hillside Avenue. Many of the photos seem to have been taken by Mr. Denman.

This image was among the glass plate negatives and according to Joseph Grossman of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western's forum on, "the locomotive in the picture is a nineteenth century steam locomotive that was built in 1875. Steam engines were described by their wheel arrangements. This one is an American, wheel arrangement 4-4-0, meaning it has four driving wheels (two on each side), and four leading wheels.The cowcatcher (more formally called the pilot) was used to push obstructions (not just cows) out of the way of the train."