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Cops Chase Car Burglar, Find Second Burglary and Return Stolen Items


August 20, 2014 at 10:12 AM

NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Early Tuesday morning around 3:00 a.m. Mohammed Sameeruddin noticed that someone was going through his mother’s car parked in the back of her Mercer Avenue driveway.  He immediately did the right thing, and called the police instead of confronting the burglar.

When the Police Officer Richard Dow arrived at the scene the burglar fled, jumping over the back fence into a neighbor’s yard.   Dow reports that despite giving chase and searching the neighborhood police were unable to catch the burglar himself.

Police also found as part of their search that the neighbor’s garage was open.  Police decided to check, and found that both the main door and a back door to the garage were open.  They notified the neighbor, Luis Urquizo, of the possibility of a breaking and Urquizo discovered that a number of power tools had been stolen.

Police found Urquino’s missing power tools in Sameeruddin’s back yard, and also a circular saw belonging to Sameeruddin.  The items were returned to their proper owners.

The burglary is one of many in Central New Jersey communities lately, a rash of opportunistic thefts that are striking communities of all demographics.  Burglars will walk down streets “cherry picking” by checking cars for unlocked doors and then taking whatever items are visible.  In most cases these are on the street, but in some cases burglars will enter driveways and open garages to steal items left out in the open.

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