CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Congratulations, Coral Springs and Broward County – close to 50 percent of you have been vaccinated.

But it isn’t enough. The numbers aren’t good.

First of all, the flip side of your accomplishment is that half of you have not had a shot. Around the country, some states are closing down mass testing sights. Papers and news organizations are trumpeting about the fall-off in those queuing up for vaccines. Then there are those who are “one and done-ers.” Thousands of people aren’t coming back for their second shots. What gives? And what can you do about it?

According to the CDC, it appears that those people who had a strong feeling that they wanted to be vaccinated have done so. Some of us waited to see the side effects of others. Others waited until the lines were less intimidating. Some figured they’ll be careful, wear their masks, and do it on their own time. About now most of them have gone and rolled up their sleeves.

We are now in a period where the federal government has to launch a public relations campaign both to stimulate people to get their shots and to overcome the jitteriness caused by the incompetence of the people at the J&J plant in Baltimore and have rolled their sleeves back down if J&J was the vaccine available to them.

But you, or statistically half of you reading this, have done your good deed. But there’s more:

- Keep wearing your masks in close quarters, not only for your protection but as a reminder to others that they too should be wearing theirs.

- Are there people in your nuclear or extended family who have not had their shots? Point out to them that you survived yours and keep after them. Again, they are not doing it just for themselves but for those around them.

- Do the same thing with the people you do recreational and sports things with. In sum, be an ambassador for getting vaccinated.

Let’s look at one example that seems like it is out of a horror movie. That would be India. A month or so ago, India looked like it had it knocked. While only a tiny percentage of the second largest national population in the world had been vaccinated, people were toeing the line and a plan was in place. Then it all went to hell. What’s hell? One million new cases in three days. Three hundred and fifty thousand cases the day before I took to writing this.

The storm on the horizon became a tsunami. Hospitals were flooded with patients. The patients need oxygen, the oxygen supply disappeared, and suddenly there wasn’t enough vaccine to meet the job.

How did this happen? Things were going “so well” that for a Hindu holiday thousands of people came together from all across India. They went their different way and all of a sudden there was coronavirus everywhere and with no warning.

So, congratulations and thank you. But your job isn’t done.

For both points in this piece, there is another fright. The longer the virus is allowed “free reign,” the more it mutates. The longer it takes to get vaccinated, the more likely it becomes that your vaccine will be up against a mutation that in a little, or large, way resists it.

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