Council Stands By Their Word Regarding Bulk Pick-Up and Snow Removal Discussed At Tuesday's Meeting

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BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Councilman Bob Woodruff confirmed at Tuesday's meeting the Council will stand by their word and intends to add bulk pick-up to the budget.

"This group did make a promise that we would address this issue this year and we intend to do so," said Woodruff.  He has been approached by at least two dozen citizens at various stages about the bulk pick-up.  The cost is broken down to $29 to $30 per person in town.  "Keep this in mind that we are honoring what we said we would.  We need to look at this on a year to year basis as to where the best cost effectiveness can be achieved on this issue.  This was a promise we made and we will follow through with it."

The Beautification Committee is actively meeting and has prepared streetscape standards including signage and building materials that will tie the downtown together.  These standards will be submitted to the town planner [once hired] said Councilwomen Jeanne Kingsley.  The Downtown Clock plaques are 50% sold, and the committee is actively working to sell the remaining 50%.

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Administrator Linda Cavanaugh reported on the following items:

  • Arrangements will be made available for the council to complete the training classes in Ethics and Anti-Harassment as encouraged to fulfill the Best Practices requirements.  There are minimal to no costs associated to these classes.
  • The township may be eligible for reimbursement for some or all of the mandatory random drug test costs.  The township currently uses Valley Hospital for the testing and alternative quotes are being considered.
  • $500 is being refunded to the township due to the "very good record" in liability and worker compensation claims.
  • The 'Right on Red' at the light on Springfield Avenue needs to be coordinated by County engineer first due to Springfield Avenue is a county road. 
  • Received two responses to the Planner RFP which will be brought to the board shortly.

Mayor Bruno addressed the salt issue and snow removal during the past few weeks.  The county had a small delivery of salt and the township anticipates a delivery soon. 

"The last few weeks have been hair raising with the lack of salt." said Bruno. "Here we are trying to clean our streets without salt. We have a priority to maintain  major roads and any road with an incline or hill.  We have to keep the main roads open." said Bruno.  

Town Engineer Bob Bocchino advised the council that the DPW has started to pave and fill in the pot holes, using 20 tons of asphalt in the past few days. 

A resident from Chaucer Drive addressed the council about the lack of plowing snow from the sidewalks at Peppertown Park and Plainfield Avenue by Memorial Field.  She advised the council that children are walking on the street.  "This is a beautiful town, we want to see the town grow, stay nice and be safe for the kids."  Bruno confirmed that this will be addressed and they will do a better job.

Residents are reminded that the township has an ordinance regarding clearing of sidewalk, walkways and streets that reads as follows:

8.56.060 Clearing of sidewalk, walkways and streets.

A. Snow, Ice and Sleet.

1. The owner and tenant of any land abutting upon any sidewalk or walkway of any public street or road in this township shall remove all snow, ice and sleet from the full width of that sidewalk abutting his or her land, or the land occupied by him or her as a tenant, within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the same shall cease to fall or be formed thereon; provided, however, that in the event removal of ice or sleet is rendered impractical because of freezing weather conditions, the owner and tenant of such land may discharge his or her obligations hereunder by causing the full width of such sidewalk or walkway to be thoroughly covered with cinders, sand or salt so that such sidewalk may be safely and conveniently used by pedestrians.

2. No person shall place or caused to be placed any snow or ice upon the paved portion of any public street or road or sidewalk in this township or on private property without the consent of the property owner.  No property owner shall plow or allow to be plowed any snow from his or her driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk onto or across a public street so that any of it remains on the public street or is deposited upon other public property or on private property not owned by him or her.









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