South Plainfield :  South Plainfield Councilman Rob Bengivenga has been tapped to run for the New Jersey Assembly in the 18th District.  Bengivenga is a lifelong resident of South Plainfield and is now raising his family in his hometown.

“I decided to run for Assembly because I believe I can bring some common sense to Trenton” said Bengivenga. “My experience as a Councilperson has given me the ability to work with everyone and come up with positive solutions.”

“Rob is a perfect candidate to represent the 18th District,” said South Plainfield Councilwoman Christine Faustini. “We could use someone like Rob who will represent our interests and not the interests of lobbyists in Trenton.”

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“Governor Murphy and the democrats want to raise taxes, put more tolls on our highways, and continue to drive businesses out of New Jersey” said Bengivenga.  “This is no time for more things we can’t afford. This is a time for fixing what everyone, including leading Democrats, understands as the problem…spending and taxes.”

According to Bengivenga, one of the biggest issues facing suburban towns like South Plainfield is school funding. 

“We as a state must accelerate school funding reforms, “ said Bengivenga, “Governor Murphy’s proposed budget this year will cut state aid to South Plainfield’s schools by more $180,000, while almost every other town in Middlesex County will see big increases. To make matters worse, my opponents are bragging about the significant increases to those other towns while South Plainfield taxpayers will suffer.  We need to stop the status quo on school funding, it is unfair and it is making middle class suburban homeowners poorer.”

Bengivenga concluded the announcement by saying, “How long will South Plainfield residents have to pay more in property taxes because they receive less aid for our own schools? Unless we reform the state school funding formula, reducing property taxes is almost impossible. These are just a few of the reasons why I am running for Assembly. The bottom line is we need someone to fight for our fair share in Trenton. The status quo is simply not working.”