The Millburn Police Department, along with surrounding municipalities have been experiencing a rash of motor vehicle burglaries and several vehicle thefts.  Last night, over 10-vehicles were broken into, mostly in the Glenwood and Wyoming areas of Millburn Township.  One vehicle was stolen, a 2009 Acura MDX.
In the past month, the unknown actors have targeted multiple areas in our community.  During the overnight hours these subjects have mostly entered unlocked vehicles and rummaged through glove boxes looking for the vehicle’s valet keys.  Once the key is found, the actors steal the vehicles.  In addition the actors also have stolen loose change, IPODs, and gps systems.
We are asking for the public’s cooperation and highly recommend the following:
1)       Activate your vehicle’s alarm system.
2)      Lock all doors and windows on your vehicle, at all times.
3)      Remove all valuables from your vehicle. (including the valet key)
4)      If you see or hear anything suspicious, immediately contact the Millburn Police Department.  Suspicious activity can include car alarm activations, dogs barking late at night, and idling vehicles.
The Millburn Police Department is aggressively investigating these crimes.  We also need the public’s help, once again, please  secure your vehicles and report any suspicious activity to the Millburn Police Department.