Dear Coronavirus, 

Everything that we were taught in school, and everything our parents warned us about, could never prepare us for what you have put us through. Our senior year of high school, the most irreplaceable year, has quickly been replaced with moments we did not ask for. 

We did not want to learn online, we did not want our lives and the lives of our loved ones to be at risk, we did not want to be isolated from our friends. We especially did not want to give up the fun parts that come with being a senior: spending weekends with friends, cheering in the stands at games, enjoying our senior privileges.  

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But alas our senior year will not be defined by you COVID, it will only be shaped by you for a little while longer. We learned the severity of our actions and the difference one person can make. From the education we are getting about life to the appreciation and support that is being given, this time in our lives truly won't be forgotten. 

Coronavirus, you came and did not stop for anyone in your way. As the class of 2021, this blip in the road will not stop us from striving for a successful future and achieving greatness. 

We learned to find positive aspects in this pandemic. We were able to enjoy our last moments before college making memories with our families. We learned that we only need to surround ourselves with a small group of people to be satisfied.

Coronavirus, you gave us a gift that our senior year could never: you gave us time. Time to focus on our mental health. Time to realize that being alone can be fun. Time to reinvent ourselves into who we aspire to be. Time to learn new skills or improve on ones we already had.

While we have been robbed of a year we waited for our whole lives, we can’t be certain how much longer you will be here. But even you can’t stop us from making the most of these temporary circumstances. 


The Class of 2021

P.S.: The lessons you have taught us will only make us stronger. 

Ryan Diskin: “COVID cannot take away my hope. I will always be resilient no matter what. There are millions of things that you took from our hands, but you will not change our attitude. ” 

Kelsey DiStaso: “I am learning to appreciate the little things more. I never thought I would say I missed just sitting in Starbucks to do homework. It seems like little actions I did before the pandemic I never really appreciated, and took them for granted. The pandemic provided everyone with an opportunity for growth.” 

Hannah Knorr: “I am learning that sometimes you have to make sacrifices to keep others healthy and safe. [You] can’t take away the people that I have in my life and the experiences and memories that I made with them.” 

Gionvanni Starrico: “I picked up some new skills while in quarantine such as some minor cooking and I got better at music.”  

Kyasia AhKao: “It was a test. The test was if you would let this pandemic get in the way of the goals that you had set for yourself.