BLOOMFIELD, NJ--Every year the Bloomfield Fire Department and the FMBA support Troop 22 by buying wreaths, helping with projects, and even recruiting from the ranks of Troop 22.

Chief Lou Venezia and others in the Bloomfield Fire Department were once Troop 22 scouts. They know that scouts who make Eagle are dedicated and committed to their goals. This year Senior Patrol Leader Brendan passes into adulthood and has given scouts Eoin Clifford and KJ Clifford the opportunity to maintain the account with the Fire Department. Wreaths are displayed on all front line Bloomfield Fire Department apparatus.

The scouts must sell the Christmas wreaths to support their camping trips and other activities and training. Selling the wreaths also gives the scout courage and sense of self-worth in interacting with other people they may not be familiar with. 

Troop22 thanks all who help the scouts out by buying a wreath. If you are interested in purchasing one please email