Democrats Sandy Doyon, Kristine Keefe and Sherri Zwerko this week called attention to one of their top priorities in bringing Real Change to South Plainfield.  Mayoral candidate Sandy Doyon said “This week’s traffic nightmare on Front Street and Maple Avenue is sadly not the exception but the rule.  On the first day of school, when parents were trying to drop off nervous kids and get to work on time, traffic was backed up all over town.  An 18 wheeler was trying to make the impossible turn from Maple Avenue onto Front Street and broke down right in the middle of the intersection. As a result, traffic was backed up on Front Street, Maple, Plainfield and South Plainfield Avenues.  As my running mate Sherri Zwerko, who lives on Front Street, says, why are 18 wheelers allowed on that residential street?  The designated truck route is two blocks away.  The Republican campaign slogan is ‘Getting it done’.  When it comes to traffic management, what is ‘it’ that they are getting done?”  
Council candidate Kristine Keefe expanded upon her running mates concerns: “I live on Park Avenue. The backup on Maple Avenue going toward Park Avenue during rush hour is beyond belief.  It literally can back up all the way to the PAL.  As a result, drivers cut onto the side streets which can be a safety hazard.  After almost a decade in control, how could the Republican majority let this happen?  Why didn’t they require the 7-11 to donate property to install a right hand turn lane, when they were seeking approval from the town?  The same can be said for Durham Avenue.  Why didn’t those in control require McDonalds to donate some property so we could establish a dedicated left hand turn lane at Helen Street?  It is difficult and dangerous to maneuver your way to 287 in the morning.”  
Council candidate Sherri Zwerko agreed with her running mates: “I live on ground zero.  Driving on Front Street is actually dangerous.  The street is narrow to begin with and there is parking on one side.  You literally hold your breath when 18 wheelers are coming at you in both directions.  When they try to make the turn from or to Maple Avenue everyone is at risk, not to mention the danger it is to pedestrians, especially children.  In addition, the trucks are killing the downtown businesses.  I’ve been told that the large property owner actually rents parking spaces in his lot to other businesses so people don’t have to risk their lives parking on Front Street.  Front Street is just one of the traffic nightmares. My friends set aside 20 minutes just to get across town.  It is time for Real Change at Borough Hall!” 
In the coming weeks the Democratic team will be setting forth their detailed plan to bring Real Change to South Plainfield. Feel free to contact the candidates with your thoughts and concerns at​ , ​​ and ​​. Our website ​​ links to our Facebook and Instagram pages.