Last time we talked about selling yourself without losing your soul, and mentioned that it really all comes from results. If the results you deliver match your marketing, and your marketing efforts reach your ideal audience, people will be happy with you and your products or services.

One way to stress the value of your product or service is to focus on the results your clients obtain from them. But how do you demonstrate the results? Thankfully, there are many ways you can demonstrate the results of any product or service you sell. And, you must. The reason is that what matters most to potential clients is how your product or service affects them. What results will they get?

* Post Testimonials – Make it a habit to send a form to your happy clients to collect testimonials from them. From that one testimonial (if they agree to allow it to be published), you can take bits and pieces to use on social media in a meme, or to use on your website, and on sales pages.

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* Create Case Studies – Each client who is successful with your product or service should be contacted with a form or questionnaire (or you can interview and record it) that automatically helps you create the case study. All you need to do is format it later and then upload it to your site, put it in a white paper, a report, or make it the basis of a webinar.

* Interview Successful Clients – Another way to approach this to demonstrate your results is to conduct a webinar, YouTube Live or Facebook Live interview. Have a set of questions that you’d ask every single successful client. Then you can transcribe it and make it into a report too.

* Brag about Your Results – Most of have been taught not to boast or brag, but if it's true, is it really boasting or bragging? Not really. If you have clients who are doing well, you should talk about it - especially if you have many and it can be traced to your advice, course, product or service.

* Call Out Your Successful Clients – A really great way to demonstrate results is to call out your successful clients in public. Whether it’s a live event, an online event, or a post, people love it when someone else announces their success - no matter how they got there. If a client emails you, for example, with the news that your advice netted them a new client, more money, a calmer day, or whatever you market as the results of your products or services, congratulate them.

The more you can demonstrate your results, the better for your business and your clients’ businesses. The great thing is that as you do this, it will snowball because more people will want to work with you, and your successful clients will send people to you too.

Getting heard is a process, especially when you want to attract high-quality clients. Check the next article so that you don’t miss out learning about speaking so quality clients will listen.


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