The Department of Environmental Protection is inviting businesses to operate concessions in state parks, forests and recreation areas this summer, Commissioner Bob Martin announced today.

"Concessions benefit visitors by adding amenities and services that enhance their enjoyment of New Jersey's parks and also help to defray some of the costs of operating the parks, forests and recreation areas," Commissioner Martin said. "We're always looking for new business opportunities and partnerships to help boost the state's economy."

The DEP's State Park Service is seeking proposals from the private and nonprofit sectors to operate 16 concessions in state parks, forests, recreation areas and marinas beginning Memorial Day weekend.

New opportunities for potential businesses this year include bicycle rentals at Liberty State Park and boat rentals at Round Valley Recreation Area and in the Delaware River at Worthington State Forest.

Businesses or individuals interested in submitting bids must first prequalify. Prequalification applications must be received by April 7 at 11 a.m. Concession opportunities are available through a public bidding process. Bids will be accepted until April 14 at 10 a.m.

The State Park Service currently manages approximately 40 seasonal concessions that generate approximately $1.3 million annually.

To help interested people learn more about concessions, how to become a state park concessionaire and find a full listing of business opportunities in parks, forests and recreation areas, visit 

The State Park Service welcomes ideas for new business opportunities and partnerships that enhance the amenities offered in parks. To share your concepts, contact the Office of Concessions at (609) 777-0237.

Concessionaires offer facilities, services, and goods to the public that the state could not otherwise provide. Through partnerships with concessionaires, the State Park Service also enhances its educational mission by providing historic re-enactments and public programs.