I wake up after a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, feeling refreshed and full of energy.  I take 30 minutes for myself to meditate and mentally prepare for the day.  My 3 year old lazily gets up, gets herself dressed then brushes her teeth.  She comes downstairs and kisses me and her baby sister good morning, then proceeds to eat a well-rounded breakfast.  She goes off to school with a sweet wave and says, “I love you Momma”.  My husband kisses me goodbye promising to be home early so that I can take a long hot bath to rest my soul.  My baby goes down for her 3 hour long nap so that I am able to exercise and read the steamy romance novel I have my nose into. 

waaaaaaah”…. As I hear Savanna crying next to me I wake up from my dream.

The hard truth is that the only thing remotely true about the previous paragraph is the part about reading the steamy romance novel trilogy, “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  I feel giddy when I think that I have 10 minutes to spare in between bouncing a baby, breast feeding, diaper changes, park visits and play dates to read a few pages of ‘Fifty Shades’.  It has been fun to live vicariously through the characters in this book as they go to exotic locations and have hot steamy sex.  It has also made me pay more attention to what I want my life to look like.   I recognize that my ideal as it relates to my kids probably wil not be possible until they are in college, so for now I will settle for getting clothes on my daughter before she leaves the house for school begging to stay home.

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Although my life is not  exactly the way I described, just the act of writing down how I want it to be made me feel relaxed and tune into any areas that I have some control over.  I can’t stop my 2 month old from waking up in the middle of the night or my 3 year old from fighting with me about getting her clothes on in the morning.  I can, however, aim to have more romance with my husband and take some time to just be by myself to recharge. 

What does your ideal day look like?  Write it down.  Look at it every day and one day you might wake up to find it has come true.


Jennifer Bronsnick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Holistic Health Coach.  She has her Master’s Degree from New York University School of Social Work and Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.    She  is also the mother of a two beautiful little girls.

Jennifer has a private practice in where she specializes in helping teenagers and women struggling with anxiety, depression, and general stress & health issues. 

She is the founder of Mindful Mommy, a website where mothers can get support from professionals and connect with one another.   The mission of Mindful Mommy is to support mothers across the globe to lead happy, healthy, and fun-filled lives by offering a space for self-exploration, education, and meaningful connections with other mom's.

 For more information about Jennifer visit www.JenniferBronsnick.com or www.MindfulMommy.com.  You can send questions and comments to Jennifer@MindfulMommy.com.