My name is Lance Tkacs and I am running for re-election to the Randolph Town Council.


One subcommittee that I have been very active in recently is the DISC…Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee.  This committee was formed after the George Floyd tragedy, as well as other similar national events that have captured the nation’s attention.   

The DISC is comprised of three members of the Town Council, four members of the Board of Education, and four advisory members of the Morris County Human Relations Committee.

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After organizing and developing a mission statement, the Committee sought to get input from the community.  We initiated a series of virtual Town Hall meetings, and had many people speak to their experiences regarding racism, bigotry, bullying, and intolerance.  The personal experiences shared with the Committee were emotionally moving, upsetting, and disheartening. 

We are also considering other ways to reach out to our community, such as a survey and/or digital feedback.

Then, with data in hand, we can look at the systems involved, and see where improvements can be made to create a more tolerant and accepting society.


Please vote for Lance Tkacs this election.  I am working diligently to improve our Township!