NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The facts are pretty clear: Darrin Russo, the Democratic candidate for Somerset County Sheriff, ripped off taxpayers and took 3 times the amount of time he was allotted. Chief Bill Parenti, the Republican candidate for Somerset County Sheriff, is doing the opposite – returning 2,700 hours to the taxpayers, as North Plainfield’s Democratic Mayor Giordano explains.

“There he goes again… Dishonest Darrin is lying to taxpayers. Russo, famously reprimanded by the Courts for acting “with reckless disregard for the truth,” is under fire for taking nearly three times as much union-time as he was allowed,” said Somerset County GOP Chairman Al Gaburo. “We’re not surprised Russo is lying to voters in a desperate attempt to distract from the question that has been on their minds for the past 46 days – how can we trust someone as desperate and dishonest as Darrin to enforce our laws and keep us safe?”

Mayor Michael Giordano explains why the paychecks of public employees changed between 2016 and 2017: “A decision was made to begin paying our brave law enforcement officers, firefighters along with all Borough employees for their accrued paid sick and vacation time. The  business administrator and I made this decision during the budget hearings several years back and place the total amount needed to fund the employees in the budget that was adopted by the council.

"This was done in good conscience to protect the wallets of our Borough’s hard-earning taxpayers. Not to mention, Chief Parenti has also agreed to reduce his overall paid sick and vacation time by nearly 2,700 hours,” said Mayor Michael Giordano, Jr.