Jesse Abend wasn’t always sure that he wanted to be a physician, but he always knew exactly how he wanted to help people. Throughout most of his life, he believed deeply in the importance of nutrition and exercise when it came to health and preventing disease. In fact, he understood that most of the disease in America is preventable and is best treated with diet and exercise. It was this passion that led him to attend medical school, where he learned all there was when it came to health and the human body. While a medical student, Jesse quickly learned that there wasn’t much of a place for “prevention” in medicine. That’s not to say that healthcare was wrong - Jesse understood first-hand how incredible medicine, and the doctors who practiced it, in America were. He just realized that the system was not designed in a way that could effectively provide people with the type of preventive care they truly needed. Never one to avoid a challenge, Jesse set out to create a solution. 

While a medical student, he created the first-ever nutrition and exercise club that educated and inspired medical students and physicians regarding prevention. He also developed an innovative health coaching clinic where he trained other medical students and health coaching students to provide dietary, exercise, and lifestyle counseling and instruction to individual community members. Through these endeavors, he became an expert on disease prevention; So much so, he was even awarded the “2018 Excellence in Public Health Award” by the United States Public Health Service for his commitment to public health and disease prevention. 

After graduating with his medical degree and officially becoming a “doctor”, like most medical students, Jesse went on to begin training as a Family Medicine physician. Shortly into his residency training, Jesse was confronted again with the fact that family medicine was not designed to deliver the effective preventive care that he knew was necessary to prevent disease. So, just as he always does, Jesse figured out another solution. Realizing that prevention is best delivered outside the current healthcare system, and understanding that health coaching - when done correctly - is the most effective way at successfully helping people prevent disease, he left his training and created his own private health coaching business. 

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As a highly-trained, educated, and independent health coach, Jesse is finally able to provide the education, motivation, and support that people need in order to truly prevent disease and live healthier and happier lives. Through one-on-one coaching sessions done either in-person, over the phone, or video call, Jesse initially learns all there is to know about his clients’ health, dietary, exercise, and lifestyle history, while also carefully understanding his clients’ overall goals. Using this information, and caring deeply about the people he helps, he works with his clients over time to implement and achieve goals in a way that actually produces real, long-term behavior change. Eventually, these healthier behavior changes lead to a healthier diet, more physical activity, and better lifestyle habits which all then contribute to preventing disease and improving health. 


What type of education and instruction does Jesse provide as a health coach?

In order to prevent most disease, we have to eat healthier diets, do more physical activity, and improve other lifestyle behaviors as well. However, it is extremely difficult for most people to do this on their own. To successfully change our diets, we have to understand what foods to eat, what foods not to eat, where to get these foods from, how to prepare these foods, how much to eat, etc. and then change these habits in a way that we can actually sustain for the rest of our lives. This goes for physical activity and other lifestyle factors as well. Jesse understands diet, exercise, and health, and more importantly, he understands people and how to successfully help them change their behaviors. With Jesse’s passion, education, experience, and training, Jesse can successfully make preventing disease and living a healthier and happier life possible for anyone, easily. 


An investment in your health is the best investment you’ll ever make.

Unlike most healthcare services, health coaching is currently not covered under most health insurance plans. However, do not let the out-of-pocket costs deter you from a service that will save your life and save you thousands of dollars over time. Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, cancer, etc. are costing the healthcare system - and you - the most. These conditions require common expenses such as medications, doctor visits, hospitalizations, procedures/surgeries, health insurance, long-term care, etc. as you age. Not only are the financial costs significant, but the cost to your life and well-being is significant as well. Chronic conditions can be debilitating and can seriously limit what you are able to do as you age, potentially ruining your retirement plans. Health coaching is a temporary service that only costs a small fraction of what you’ll pay if you’re afflicted with chronic disease. And with a highly-trained health coach like Jesse, you’ll be able to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. 


For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Jesse at 973-532-2095 or You can also visit his website at Spots are limited.

Jesse provides his health coaching services out of Morristown, NJ. He also offers tele-health coaching which allows him to coach clients from the comfort of their own home wherever they are located.


Corporate Wellness

Interested in a serious high-quality corporate wellness program designed to deliver real long-lasting results to your employees and company? Contact Jesse to learn more about his corporate wellness program and why it’s the most effective in the industry. Contracts are limited.