Spring is in the air and as the flowers bring color and life to our gardens, the Rahway Arts & Business Partnership (RABP) is bringing color and life downtown! The YARN ART! installation at City Hall is the latest Pop Up Art project initiated by the RABP.

Pop up art projects are temporary art exhibits that add to a city’s landscape. They create welcoming spaces for the community, instill pride in one's town and brighten a public space.

“We have seen some examples of yarn graffiti done in other towns and thought it would be fun to bring to Rahway. Since neither Amy or I have any experience with knitting, we reached out to Rahway Recreation Center’s knitting instructor, Linda Grant.”, explained Managing Director, Ann Marie Williams. “Linda is a true artist and created pieces, especially for the trees, that make you stop and enjoy the whimsical characters. We are blown away by her talent!”, chimed in Executive Director, Amy Garcia Phillips.

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Amy, Ann Marie and Linda reached out to local fabric store, Jo-Ann’s Fabrics to help out with the project. The manager was excited to hear about the project and was able to work out a deal on skeins of yarn in the bright colors that were needed.

To create the pieces, Ann Marie, Amy and Linda reached out to local knitting groups and artists. Flowers were created by staff at Rahway’s Franklin Elementary school, Kathleen Brindle,  Marlene Olsen Hamm, Jenny Brown and Erika Wright-Rich.

On the day of installation the RABP assembled a crew consisting of, Kathleen, Marlene, Daija Robinson and Donna Grybowski. Directed by Linda, characters were hung, a garden of flowers popped up along Milton Avenue, and Rahway City Hall Plaza was brought to life! “Best Arts and Crafts Day ever!”, said Amy.  “The YARN ART! project will be up through the summer.” Ann Marie commented. “When it starts to look worn, we will take it down. Until then we hope everyone will come by to enjoy the Pop Up art!”.