Considering studying to become a chiropractor? Listen to the newly-released "Ear on Careers" podcast with Dr. Marco Ferrucci of The Chiropractic Source in Caldwell, NJ, to gain insight and tips about how to become a chiropractor. To access this podcast, go to

In this podcast, Dr. Ferrucci discusses his early interest in the field of chiropractic. He graduated from William Paterson University, during which time he took advantage of an internship with a chiropractor. After college, he obtained his chiropractice degree from Life University in Georgia.

"Dr. Ferrucci offers insight into an area of medicine in which many people may not be acquainted," states Mike Rivera, co-founder of Top-Tier Tutoring and host of Ear on Careers. He continues, "Our listeners will learn how a chiropractor treats a physical ailment differently from their family physicians, and why this branch of medicine is considered proactive rather than reactive."

By looking at a patient's spinal alignment, Dr. Ferrucci is able to treat, or even prevent, common ailments. Listen as he discusses his biggest surprise in working as a chiropractor as it relates to health care coverage. Throughout the podcast, Dr. Ferrucci offers advice to students considering embarking upon the field of chiropractic medicine. Dr. Ferrucci also shares the story of his most transformative patient, who literally walked into his office using a cane and left it under her own power.

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