PATERSON, NJ- Two city men face drugs related charges following an operation by narcotics detectives from the Paterson Police Department after they were witnessed conducting a suspected narcotics transaction on Saturday.

According to a statement by Police Director Jerry Speziale, the detectives, responding to confidential information about alleged drugs sales, were patrolling the area of Marin Street and Woodruff Place in an unmarked van at approximately 6:30.

During their surveillance, the report states, the men, identified as Mr. Torres- Maylaga and Mr. William, engaged in what appeared to be a sale, leading police to pursue them. The buyer, Torres-Maylaga, was pulled over a short distance away while William fled on foot.

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Apprehended after a brief foot chases, WIlliams was found to be in possession of a loaded Beretta 380 caliber handgun with (2) hollow point bullets as well as seven jars of marijuana.

Speziale crediting the arresting detective saying “all involved did an outstanding job in apprehending an armed gunman with unknown intentions.”