EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - In 2017, the Township of East Brunswick’s Department of Recreation, Parks & Community Services provided a wide range of community events and activities for our residents throughout the year. Thousands attended events and participated in community-building and celebrations of holidays, positive purpose, and seasonal change.  Here are just a few:


*Large-scale events such as Spring Fest, 4th of July Celebration, East Brunswick Day, and Holiday of Lights, attract thousands of residents, family and friends and are the most visible of the things the Department does.  These are ways for us to have large amounts of residents to join together as a community and enjoy our Township resources.


*Smaller events such as Memorial & Veteran’s Day Observance and the Holiday Food & Gift Basket program are clearly more serious in tone and give our residents the opportunity to step back and reflect on the hardships of others and help those in need or thank those that have allowed us to live and prosper in this country. 

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*On a daily basis we offer a variety of cost-effective activities for residents  – Food and Art Classes, Adult Fitness Classes, Youth and Adult Sports – Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Track, Flag Football – that allow our residents an opportunity to try many activities with their friends and neighbors. 


*During the summer we offer a comprehensive summer camp program at a tremendously affordable rate to our residents so they may keep their children active during the summer recess while parents are working.   Crystal Springs Family Waterpark is a great place for families to enjoy the hot summer days and warm evenings in a water park right here in town.  Seasonal memberships are quite low in comparison to other water parks, private pool clubs, or municipal pools.


*Crystal Springs Family Waterpark also has a new building because the Township continued to invest in the waterpark as attendance continues to rise and East Brunswick resident memberships also continue to rise.  This facility in the past five years has undergone some major changes, while maintaining its responsibility of operating as a stand-alone utility without impacting the Township’s residential tax base.


*Bicentennial Park and Lenape Park received major upgrades with new tennis courts.  The township investigated alternative surfacing at Lenape, in addition to introducing the sport of pickleball to our residents by lining this tennis court for pickleball as well. 


*The Township continued to provide a variety of well attended special events throughout the year.  We feel this is important because it brings our diverse community together several times a year, provides free entertainment to residents, and creates partnerships between the business and nonprofit communities.