Dozens of children have learned the value of giving. Many of them have healthier teeth. And the candy they gave away was a feel good gift for U.S. soldiers serving overseas.

In addition, the East Brunswick-based Mid-Jersey Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation got a donation of $160.

That’s the result of three years of a Halloween Candy Buyback program by the office of Dr. Steven Susskind of East Brunswick (

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“In three years, we have been able to show children the importance of charity and of proper dental health,” Dr. Susskind said. “The soldiers got candy – which they will hopefully eat in moderation and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation got a donation. I think our efforts made a difference.”

Dr. Susskind, a dentist, since 1992, said he feels good about the program because it persuaded children to give away some of the mounds of candy they collected when they went out to trick or treat.

“We’re in the teeth saving business and sugar is in the teeth destroying business,” he said. “When sugar is in your mouth, it produces a reaction that promotes tooth decay. This program encouraged good dental health and promoted charity.”

But Dr. Susskind knows, despite the buyback, there are still thousands and thousands of pounds Halloween candy sitting in homes.

“Sweets are fine – in moderation,” he said. “But don’t over do it. Candy lasts for a long time. Teeth will, too, if you take care of them. So follow your candy with dental floss and a fine tooth brushing to get the sugar off.”


Steven Susskind DMD

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