EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - In a phased approach to creating a sustainable, contemporary community, Mayor Brad Cohen and the Township of East Brunswick dedicated the newly-completed bike paths in locations that allow residents to safer and easier access to schools, parks, and houses of worship.  Cohen sees the bike path plan as part of the overall vision to create an East Brunswick that will attract young people.

"The Redevelopment Plan is bigger than one section of town," said the Mayor. "Redevelopment also means increased sustainability, beautification, and inter-connection to make the town more vibrant and attractive."  He was referring to the Redevelopment Zone which lies along Route 18 South between the Turnpike and Ferris Street.

Cohen went on to describe the importance of "alternative transportation modes" that create an attractive environment for "people who don't want to take their cars everywhere."  He noted the parks, schools and places of worship along Dunhams Corner and Cranbury Roads, the location of the longest bike path in the township so far, stating that safe bike paths would ease access to these locations.

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"East Brunswick has 11 bordering towns, the most of any location in New Jersey, " said Cohen, "Bike paths would allow for greater connection among towns." 

Cohen was supported by former East Brunswick Mayor Bill Neary of Keep Middlesex Moving, Middlesex County’s non profit transportation management association, and is affiliated with the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Since 1988, KMM has partnered with commuters, employers, local, county, and state government to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.  Neary added, "Biking increases property values in a community."

Shari Shapiro of the Lime dockless bike program that features low-cost rental of bicycles fitted with GPS mapping and a small electric engine to help peddlers manage inclines or distance.  There was a Lime bike and a Lime scooter on display at the dedication event which attracted around 50 residents.

Student representatives of Fit Nation, also attended the event.  Fit Nation NJ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose primary goal is to motivate the community to stay healthy and fit. They work in East Brunswick and organize interactive events that are for everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level. Fit nation will host a basketball 3X3 tournament on Wednesday, November 21 at Churchill Junior High School.

The bike path initiative was also supported by the Central Jersey Bicycle Club a local organization of cycling enthusiasts whose goals include the promotion of social and recreational biking and fellowship among bicyclists.