EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Hello, East Brunswick residents. My name is Nennette Perry, and I am the Clerk for the Township of East Brunswick. It is my responsibility to manage the election process in our township under the directives of the New Jersey Secretary of State. As you should know by now, due to the pandemic, the General election this fall will be primarily a Vote-by-Mail election. Here is some important information regarding the election.

  1. The Middlesex County Clerk will be mailing ballots out to ALL registered voters.
  2. If you are not registered and if you want to vote in the November election, register online through https://voter.svrs.nj.gov/register or access voter registration forms from middlesexcountynj.gov/vote2020 or call the Middlesex County Board of Elections at 732-745-3471.
  3. If your Vote by Mail ballot is lost, damaged or you do not believe you received it, you may request a duplicate.  Please fill out the replacement ballot form on the middlesexcountynj.gov/vote2020 website and submit it to the County Clerk’s office.  The deadline to request a replacement ballot to be sent to you via the mail is October 23rd, though voters may request a replacement ballot in-person at the County Clerk’s office through election day.
  4. Once you receive your ballot, you have the following options to cast your ballot:
  1. You can mail the ballot back using the US mail in the envelope that comes with your ballot. You do not need to add any postage since envelopes have pre-paid postage. Please remember to sign the ballot where indicated and allow time for the ballot to be received through the mail.
  2. You can drop the ballot in the secure drop box located at the East Brunswick Municipal Building just outside the entrance to the Police Department. This area will be video monitored 24 hr. /day and the County Board of Elections will be picking up ballots daily.  
  3. You can bring a completed ballot to your designated polling place on Election Day. Remember at the polling location, you can only drop off your ballot. You cannot drop ballots off for others.  You can only vote individually and you must sign in with the poll workers. The new polling locations will be provided on the Township’s website and will be recited later in this message.
  4. You can vote in person at a polling place. This will be by a paper ballot that is no different than the one received in the mail. This will be considered a provisional ballot until the Board confirms that you have not already voted by mail. Any voting machine at these locations will only be used for those who have a disability.
  5. You can bring your ballot to the Middlesex County Board of Elections at 11 Kennedy Blvd, East Brunswick, NJ. 
  1. There will be NO sample ballots sent to your home. If you would like a ballot in English, Spanish or Gujarati, please visit the middlesexcountynj.gov/vote2020 website.
  2. The Middlesex County Board of Elections has advised that it will mail your ballot back if you have made a mistake. The most common errors are: failure to sign the ballot or their signature does not match the one on file with the Board of Elections office. You will be given an opportunity to correct such errors, but it must be returned by date cited in the letter.
  3. Polling place locations in East Brunswick are as follows:
  1. Churchill Junior High School – District: 5,8,13,15,18,19,20,29,32,33,35
  2. Hammarskjold Middle School – District: 2,6,12,16,17,21,24,28,37,38,40
  3. Central Elementary School – District: 1,3,7,9,11,25,26,30,31
  4. Warnsdorfer Elementary School – District: 4,10,14,22,23,27,34,36,39                                       If you do not know your voting district, please call the Clerk’s office at 732-390-6850 or you can find your district number on the map found on the Township Clerk’s page on the Township Website.
  1. Lastly, if you want to verify that your mail in ballot has been received, you should register at “Track Your Ballot” on the New Jersey Elections website: nj.gov/state/elections