EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Middlesex County Utilities Authority continues its efforts to mitigate potential landfill odors generated by the county landfill on Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick. Based upon a significant reduction in the number of odor concerns expressed by local residents, the MCUA's multi-step approach has been successful.

These efforts have included the following projects: 

Installation of an Odor Control System was completed in the Summer of 2019. The system is the first of its kind in New Jersey and consists of approximately 20,000 linear feet of four-inch diameter HDPE piping around the top and the bottom perimeter of the Landfill. The piping system is connected to six distribution units consisting of storage tanks, a vaporizer system and blowers. The units produce a vapor product, which is designed to decompose and modify odorous molecules such that their odor is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Efforts also continue to reduce gas odors at their source.

Recent improvements to the Gas Collection System include 45 new wells, piping and additional intermediate cover placement. In 2021, MCUA plans an additional $2 million investment in capital improvements to the system.