Edison, NJ - The Barnes and Nobles in Edison  hosted a well attended Poetry Reading on Thursday night. The event featured poets Alicia Cook, Alison Malee, Sophia Elaine Hanson, Christina Hart, and Emily Alice. The authors read their short stories and poems aloud for the audience, who had the opportunity to meet the authors  and get their books signed at the end of the event.

Alison Malee, whose work has been featured in The Huffington Post, and The American Library of Poetry, shared poems from her book "Shifting Bone". Alison shared how as a child she was told she would never be a poet, but she still found her way to become one. Several of her pieces are based off her journey to achieving her dreams.

Sophie Elaine Hanson, whose book was about a romantic relationship, read a few poems from her book, which she termed a "time capsule" of those memories shared. She also shared a new unpublished piece she wrote following a traumatic event on sexual assault.                 

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Christina Hart, who was taking part in a reading of this nature for the first time, read poems from her first full-length poetry collection, There is Beauty in the Bleeding, including "Let's go back to the Summer", and "Drowning Someone”  which she described as mostly dark writing. "I like to write about topics people don't really talk about that often because they're uncomfortable- but to me it's important," she said.  "I've been writing poetry since I was about a teenager... it was a way to sort of write things down and not keep them all in my head" she added.

Additionally, Emily Alice, who's poetry is featured on her Instagram account, also took part in a live reading for the first time. She read a few poems from a book she had written for her wife of nine years. "There is only one copy of this book in the world," she said, "and I had to beg my wife to let me borrow it." Her poems revolve on the topics of love, hope, and happiness.