Educating the youth of America has been one of the most important elements of our society. Recent budget cuts across the Tri-State Area have been challenging for public schools and mostly our students.  Now, more the ever, is a dire need for any chance to give our children a brighter future. That chance could be located in FlorhamPark.

          Knowledge Points Learning Center, located at 186 in Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park has been providing excelled learning skills since February 2009. The center provides in-depth tutoring for students of any age in school while focusing on the main subjects. With a dedicated staff, Knowledge Points offers “Premier Tutoring, Enrichment and Test Prep” according to their website. Reading, writing, Language Arts and various math courses are taught at the center in addition to SAT and ACT prep courses. The Florham Park location serves residents from Essex, Morris and UnionCounties.

          Art Meisler, the Regional President of Knowledge Points, spoke with The Alternative Press about the facility and what they can offer the public: “We are here to help kids succeed in schools,” said Meisler. “to be happy in life as well. Kids who perform well in school lead happier and more productive lives and we are here to make that happen.”

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Meisler, along with a full time director and 10 part time instructors, operate the center with key precision teaching all ages throughout the learning phase. “We have full range; we teach from 1st Grade up to High School. There is a lot of Juniors and Seniors right now who are preparing for the SATs so we have an important SAT business currently,” said Meisler. The center teaches students who need either extra help or just need to stay involved in a certain subject or class. “The need for our facility ebbs and flows. In the spring we tutor a lot of math and right now we are doing a lot of reading,” said Meisler. “There’s really no rhyme or reason with the studies we teach with equal amounts of math and reading being taught for the elementary and middle school levels being popular. We are also seeing a lot of writing and reading being the focus recently.”

Knowledge Points uses a wide range of approaches to tutoring the students who attend the center. Meisler spoke about how they actually teach at the facility and what works for producing improved results: “We are pretty old school; we use paper-based instruction. There are no gimmicks here. We use certified teachers who are highly experienced and apply many different teaching techniques to get the best out of the kids. Knowledge Points has a proven curriculum.”

The process of tutoring at the center is basic and straight forward. Meisler spoke in detail about how the center and how its curriculum works: “When a child who is struggling comes in we test them and we know exactly what skills to work on after the test. We know what grade level they are learning at. When they are done with the program we give them the same test to show the progress. It’s empirical; kids go up on average of one and a half grade levels in our math and reading programs after a 40-hour program. The proof is back by hard statistics.” said Meisler

Knowledge Points is dedicated to the tutoring of students who are in need of help. They currently offer free SAT assessments along with discounted programs this month which they affectionately named OctoberTest. In addition to their programs, the center holds several workshops on and off their facility such as Study Skills and things to motivate students to learn. Meisler also spoke about new endeavors for the future which includes possible scholarships from the state for learning programs.

Dedicated parents and students are encouraged to contact Art Meisler for an information session at the Florham Park center, located in the Regency Plaza. To learn more about the programs they offer contact Art at 973-593-0050 or visit them on the web at: