CREAM RIDGE, N.J. — Trial Victory, a 27-year-old son of Valley Victory, now has a home to live out his last few years.

In February, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) was made aware the elderly stallion was in a “kill pen” in Tennessee, and was about to be shipped for slaughter.

Just 15.1 hands, small, very quiet and mannerly, there isn't a thing about him that would make anyone believe he is still intact. Still, finding homes for stallions is no easy task.

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SRF helped raise the funds to buy the horse and eventually, a few offers of homes were made. After many factors were considered, the best situation was narrowed down to a home near White Oak, Ga.

According to the SRF, it would have been a great historical showing of bloodlines for the remaining racing fans who remember Valley Victory, had this little stallion had a chance to live out his last few years at a Standardbred farm, or by way of race track to put him out there for visitors. Trial Victory instead will head south in early April, once the fencing is completed at the home of a wildlife firefighter. The new lady in his life is a rescue-minded individual who already has a few just like him, rescued. She has already purchased the same grain he is receiving, the same quality hay, a new sheet and halter, and is searching for a fitting nickname for the little guy.

Most of Trial Victory’s expenses to date are being covered by donations already received. A few needs remain to get him tucked in, an extra three weeks board until his home is ready, expenses for a Coggins and health certificate, as well as his shipping to Georgia. His total expenses are $2,300. Received as of March 19, was $1,050.

Donations are tax-deductible.

At SRF, there are many retirees living out their lives, 203 to be exact, 25% of them range from age 25-36 years old, one being Dutch Hill General, a big money earner.

Tax-deductible donations for the son of Valley Victory can be made by going to or by calling Tammy at 609-738-3255 or e-mail at

About Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Standardbred Retirement Foundation provides humane care and services for horse in need of lifetime homes, and in crisis, through rehabilitation, training, adoption, life-long follow-up or life time sanctuary and offering therapeutic equine opportunities for children and adults.

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