The BHVRS is happy to introduce one of our newest cadet members, Emma Lu!

Emma has lived in Berkeley Heights since she was 4 years old. She is a graduate of Thomas P. Hughes Elementary School and Columbia Middle School. Currently, Emma is a rising junior at Newark Academy (NA) in Livingston, NJ. At NA, she is a member of the school’s dance team, the editor of their STEM Journal, and the Vice President of Newark Anatomy (one of the school’s science clubs). In her spare time, Emma loves to figure skate and dance and has been doing both since she was very young. She is as passionate about her extracurricular activities as she is about medicine.

Emma recently joined the BHVRS because she believes it is a great way to give back to her local community and become more involved in town events. In addition, she is interested in medicine and hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. Emma feels that the BHVRS Cadet program will allow her to maximize her learning while pursuing her passion. She sees it as a great hands-on opportunity to learn life-saving skills and gain a new perspective on medicine and health care.   

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Emma did not have to look very far to find out about the cadet program at the BHVRS because her older sister, Kira Lu, has been a member of the BHVRS for two years. Since her sister joined the squad, Emma has been eager to join.

The BHVRS is so happy to have Emma on the squad! Here is some more advice and information from Emma:

1. What would you say to someone who wants to join the BHVRS but is nervous?

I would say that it is completely normal to be nervous about joining the squad! I was very nervous about my first shift because I did not know what to expect and I had little previous training. However, I quickly adapted to this new environment as my crew members led me through my first few rig checks to ensure that I was comfortable with all of the protocols and equipment.

2. Was it difficult to learn some of the life-savings skills required to ride on the ambulance?

Before riding on the ambulance, I got CPR certified and obtained my Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. I thought the CPR course was simple and straightforward. It is worth it to become CPR certified, especially since it comes with the possibility of saving someone’s life.

3. What was your most memorable moment on the squad so far?

I really enjoyed helping at the annual BHVRS Plant Sale in May. This was the first event that I attended as a new cadet, and it was a great experience. I was glad to actively contribute while still taking precautions against COVID-19. Outside of events, my crew members have been very welcoming and happy to teach me essential skills, such as operating the stretcher.

4. What surprised you most about being on the BHVRS?            

It is surprising how everyone on the rescue squad goes above and beyond to help and support each other. The squad has helped me establish a network of connections that is especially helpful as I take the EMT course at Union County College. For example, one of our members has set up a Google Classroom with useful notes and other resources for all the members currently taking an EMT course. I feel very supported knowing that I can turn to various members of the squad for help.

5. What is the most rewarding aspect of being on the squad for you?

The most rewarding aspect of being on the squad for me is being able to learn patient care skills firsthand. This allows me to apply the knowledge that I am learning in EMT class in real life scenarios. I believe that riding on the squad is one of the most enriching and immersive experiences that I could experience as a high schooler interested in medicine.