ELIZABETH, NJ - The City of Elizabeth Animal Shelter celebrated the Holiday with empty cages and all animals safely adopted out or placed into rescues! This great news came just 2 days before Christmas prompting celebration and kudos on FaceBook from rescues and like minded individuals who were gleeful to read the good news.

Starting in the fall of 2013 the City of Elizabeth and animal shelter began making changes; first by having animals evaluated by an experienced animal EVALUATOR who serves as a volunteer and then allowing posting on social media so the animals could be promoted. 

The shelter has become rescue friendly and changed how they interact with the public. Now the animals received by the shelter by either owner surrenders or found as strays have a chance at a second life with adopters or rescues coming to their aide and opening their hearts. 

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The Board of Health led by Mark Colicchio and supervisor Grady have initiated new ordinances to acknowledge the need to care for the cities animals and their important role in society. The ordinance requires all adopted animals be altered within 30 days or the new owners risk fines. Also animal ownership per household will be limited to ensure the safety of animals as well as humans.

The Facebook page Shelters Helpers led by Darcy Del Castillo has garnered support and the ability to quickly promote adoptions and rescues throughout Elizabeth and the surrounding areas saving the lives of many if not most of the animals brought to the shelter. Recently a Polish Rooster was residing there as well as cats, kittens, dogs and rabbit’s. Another FaceBook page Friends of Elizabeth Shelter promotes adoption and rescue as well.

The Elizabeth Shelter is located at 518 Trenton Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ and their hours for adoption are Monday through Friday from 4pm to 6pm and Saturdays from 3pm to 4pm.