Dear Editor,

My family and I have lived in Randolph Township for 6 years.  We moved to Randolph because we heard of the great schools it had to offer and it would be a great place to raise our four daughters.  I believe it is time for a change within our community to make it more diverse and inclusive.  This election I am supporting Democrats David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez because I believe they know how to bring the different cultures together.  I believe we need a fresh vision!

Over these past months I have had a chance to get to know David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez through coming together to serve on Randolph PEACE (Partnership Endeavor for All Citizens Equality).  They each have listened to my experience living here and have shown compassion toward me and my family.  This is especially important during these challenging times being able to understand a person of color’s experience living in Randolph.

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I am voting for them because I know they will be leaders that deliver action in our community.  I know they will create committees and institute educational programs that will address racism, bigotry and unconscious bias that exist in the community.  Our town deserves leaders that will move our town forward and I proudly endorse David Timpanaro, Joshua Weiner, and Jeanette Hernandez.  They believe every voice matters!


Hazel Ball