Morristown, New Jersey –Esperanza Porras-Field has announced that she will be running for Mayor of Morristown. According to her announcement, she has served the Morristown community as a member of the Morristown Planning Board, Morristown Parking Authority, Morristown Housing Council, Morristown Democratic Committee, American Red Cross and Founder of the Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce.

Read her announcement below:

“Since 1989, I have lovingly called Morristown my home. When I was younger, I vividly remember driving through this beautiful and diverse community, looking for office space to start my own Real Estate Agency – a dream of mine since I was very young. I envisioned Morris County would be where me and my two daughters, Hope, Christina would relocate. Morristown, with its rich history and charm, ideal geographic location and strong community ideals, became our new home” Esperanza said.

“At the county, state and national level, I have promoted Morristown and its rich history, which has resulted in organizations doing conferences and summits in our town. Along with visits from business and political representatives, I have aided in new economic growth and leadership opportunities coming into this community” Esperanza continued.

The administration of Esperanza will support “Term Limits” on all elected positions within Morristown. Her position statements also include:

  • Support a transparent government. “The current administration has harbored a culture of unethical behavior; pay-to-play development and of professional services contracts, inefficient government operations, expensive litigation costs and bullying behavior to anyone with the slightest difference of opinion.” Esperanza states.
  • Establish term limits for all elected officials in the Town of Morristown.
  • Focus on responsible and sustainable growth throughout the town.
  • Promote new projects, such as neighborhood dog parks, bike lanes, ride sharing bicycle systems and an overall more pedestrian friendly downtown corridor.
  • Addressing high property taxes and developer friendly, resident funded pilot tax abatements.
  • Continued improvement in securing federal, state, county and private grants to help reduce town costs.
  • Lead the cause of shared services with neighboring towns. “Morristown can save money by sharing recreation, recycling and other services with neighboring towns in effort to lowering our municipal budget and increasing the quality of our services.” Esperanza cites.
  • Create financial oversight to ensure current and future town expenditures are above board and fiscally sound. Preserving a quality of life that is affordable to all and one that supports every resident of Morristown.
  • Create a new Morristown Community Center. As the County Seat, Morristown needs a quality-meeting place for all of residents and visitors.

“On my first day in office I will invite residents to volunteer and to share their time, energy and ideas on how best to lead Morristown into the future! I humbly ask for your support and vote – Esperanza for Mayor of Morristown on June 8th.”

For more information, contact Esperanza Porras-Field, 973-534-6821,, 122 Village Drive Morristown, NJ 07960.