NEWARK, NJ – Essex County Freeholder President Brendan Gill is urging the residents of Essex County to sign up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) before the close of open enrollment on Dec. 15th.

Beginning January 1, 2019, all residents are required to have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty at tax time, unless they qualify for an exemption. The ACA processes have continued to improve since the act was signed into law.  There are more resources than ever to help citizens enroll in the best plan available to them.  

“There are 30 facilities in Essex County alone that are staffed with workers to assist citizens who may need help in the enrollment process.” President Gill stated, “There is also a toll free hotline that can be accessed from 8am-7pm by anyone who would prefer to enroll online as opposed to enrolling at one of the physical locations.”

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Not only has the process become more streamlined, it is also more cost-effective. Governor Murphy has signed a directive into law that has created a state reinsurance program. This resulted in a 9.3 percent reduction in rates on the individual market for 2019.

 As a long-time supporter of the Affordable Care Act, Freeholder Gill is continuing to dedicate his efforts to ensure that all residents of the county are properly supported and informed on their benefits. Along with the help of organizations such Blue Wave NJ, he is determined to keep one of the lasting legacies of the Obama administration alive and well. 

As President Gill has stated, “The relentless assault on the Affordable Care Act at the hands of the right-wing in Congress proves that they put the concerns of Big Insurance and their lobbyists ahead of those of the middle-class.”

He went on to add, “The need for citizens to enroll in healthcare coverage for themselves and their families is two-fold. First and foremost, health insurance coverage for your family is vital to their security and well-being.  Secondly, policies and measures put in place to make healthcare available to all Americans must not be treated with apathy. If we do not give these measures a chance to work by participating in the process, then we will be assisting the misinformation campaign that has been put in place by those interested in destroying the ACA before it has a chance to work effectively.”

Blue Wave NJ is also distributing the attached flyer which has all of the pertinent information needed to assist residents in signing up for health insurance through the ACA.