EW Podcast “Real Horse Rescues With Susan Kayne” Now Available In iTunes

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Explore the Big Questions About What We Do with Horses and Why

KINDERHOOK, N.Y. — Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation released its educational podcast “Real Horse Rescues” now available on iTunes and via

Created and hosted by lifelong horse lover Susan Kayne, Real Horse Rescues is a groundbreaking equine advocacy series that focuses on equine welfare and examines the underlying issues that lead to equine abandonment, abuse, neglect, and slaughter.

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Through a trustworthy curation of stirring conversations, Real Horse Rescues offers listeners a deeper understanding into the very real threats facing horses, and pathways to facilitating change.

Kayne is on a mission to rally critical mass surrounding the unnecessary and gruesome practice of slaughtering horses. “I want our listeners to be in the know, so they can challenge the status quo; think critically about the issues and ignite a fresh dialogue to embolden a new conversation on our ethical responsibility to our equine partners.”

The podcast kicks off with Emily Weiss, Ph.D., CAAB, Vice President of Equine Welfare at the ASPCA, and the visionary who reimaged the 5th Annual ASPCA #HelpAHorse Day Contest into a national campaign dedicated to finding good homes for horses.

On average over 100,000 American horses are annually shipped to slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico. According to the USDA, 92% of these horses are in good physical condition and could go on to lead productive lives in loving homes.

Kayne believes that “If people are fully informed on the issues and offered a compassionate point of entry to equine engagement it will begin to slow the massacre.” She added, “there is a myriad of ways horses end up in jeopardy, this podcast is about identifying the root cause, parsing solutions, and shaping a safe future for horses.”

To listen, subscribe, and share the podcast search for “Real Horse Rescues” on iTunes or visit the podcast website directly

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