Dear Editor,

I have read with interest the letters to the editor expressing support for both republican and democratic candidates for Chatham Borough Council. The theme of active community volunteers and having made a contribution through volunteering for the community is important. I would think having a solid understanding of how the Chatham Borough Council works, a keen understanding of the issues and how our Council interacts with all other players is important to the continued good governance of Chatham Borough.

One writer, a former Council member, indicated that experience wasn’t important. On that I disagree. He also indicated that partisan politics have no role in the Council. I agree with him. Ironically, when he was a Council Member and Council President at one point, he was a strong practitioner of partisan politics. Hopefully, those days are over as Chatham Borough Council is and always should be non- partisan.

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In terms of experience as an important consideration, I disagree with this former Council President. Experience does count. Both Dempsey and Mathiasen have lived in Chatham for many years. Yet, neither has volunteered in any consistent manner, until they became Council Candidates. Dempsey, who states that she has years of community volunteerism to her credit, only joined the Historic Preservation Commission in April 2018. Relay for Life as a team member was June in 2018. Yet she announced herself as a political candidate in March 2018. Mathiasen has done even less. The time to ask for a community’s vote while suddenly signing up as a volunteer should not be just prior to an election.

Resto and Hoffman have an extensive and deep history of community volunteerism
in meaningful roles that have actually worked to make our community better. When
comparing the resumes of each, the choice is clear. Resto and Hoffman deserve to be re-elected to Chatham Borough Council. One hopes the Dempsey–Mathiasen
enthusiasm for community involvement continues past the election.

On November 6, please vote for Resto and Hoffman.

Robert K. Muir
Chatham Borough, NJ