MORRISTOWN, NJ - Having received a television donation, students in the upper school of Unity Charter School used their elective learning time to take part in a project based learning activity.  The students decided to create a morning talk-show that can be showcased on the television that runs in the upper school.  The show will include information on the weather, the lunch menu, upcoming activities and trivia or challenge problems for students to solve or discuss.  The project was completely student-centered which shifted the focus of the activity from the teacher to the learners.

According to The Common Core Standards, to build a foundation for college and career readiness, students must have ample opportunities to take part in a variety of rich, structured conversations. Being productive members of these conversations requires that students contribute accurate, relevant information; respond to and develop what others have said; make comparisons and contrasts; and analyze and synthesize a multitude of ideas in various domains.  Additionally, students will be expected to synthesize information from a range of sources into a coherent understanding of a process, phenomenon, or concept, resolving conflicting information when possible.   

The television show has been embraced by all members of our community and has presented a tremendous opportunity that the team will build upon this academic year.  In fact their work emulates the words of Albert Einstein who said "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."