Recently Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. unveiled its newest product lines on Saturday 14, 2012; announcing its release of Extreme Kleaner, a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser; and the Sidewinder, a personal sport vehicle for light on road-off road use. Both products are made in the USA.

Extreme Kleaner is a non-toxic biodegradable cleaner-degreaser, that contains no VOC's, and can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Extreme Kleaner was brought into the Extreme fold via a merger, and since the product and packaging has been improved to better serve the needs of multiple markets. Market interest found that there were many uses for this product. Extreme Kleaner is the official and only suggested cleaner for servicing the SMART Emissions Reducer. As a part of Extreme's local job creation initiative, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc recently hired Bruce Dillon, as the Extreme Kleaner Product Manager. Dillon recently relocated back to NJ from Florida to lead up this project. More on Extreme Kleaner can be found at:

The Sidewinder is another great innovation from Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., from its Extreme Off Road LLC. division. The Sidewinder is a personal sport vehicle for light off road use, and can have on road use applications. The Sidewinder is a four wheeled vehicle powered by a small four cylinder Subaru gasoline engine. Sidewinder boost on its many safety features; including its five point safety seatbelt harness, complete roll cage, racing bucket seat, lighting system, and identity flag. Sidewinder is equipped with innovative steering and suspension features allowing for a more comfortable ride. SMART Emissions Reducer is standard equipment on the Sidewinder, making the Sidewinder environmentally friendly. Joining the Extreme Team is Brian Thomas, the Extreme Off Road LLC/Sidewinder Product Manager, relocating from Scranton, PA, to take on the challenge of market introduction of the Sidewinder. More information on the Sidewinder can be found at the website:

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"I am very pleased that Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. continues to add value to our community via our expanding product lines. All of our products are made in the USA, and our continued efforts to focus the majority of the manufacturing of our products in our own back yard is important in demonstrating our role in local job creation," commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., "We are glad to have Mr. Dillon and Mr. Thomas join our team. Both individuals have jumped into their assignments with both feet, and have accelerated the market introduction of the product lines they each manage."

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. offers free demos for each product at its tech center, in Ogdensburg, NJ. To arrange for an appointment to demo the Extreme Kleaner or Sidewinder, call 973-209-3450.

Watch the sidewinder demo video at: