There are three types of woman in the spa scene…those who love facials, those who hate facials, and those who have never had a facial.  The women who covet the facial experience are true spa goers.  They are savvy about anti-aging treatments and demand to be aware of all new “must have” potions & serums!  The second type is to whom I dedicate this blog.  And as for the woman who has not had the experience of enjoying or detesting a facial, if you are her, please book an appointment soon so you will know which group you fall under.  
As an esthetician I know there are only two types of facials: the great and the terrible. You can book everything from Oxygen Regenerating to Organic Yogurt Deep Cleansing to Diamond Champagne facials. Don’t be fooled by the hype. Regardless of how many spas offer a “variety of flavors” (the Baskin Robbins approach!) one thing remains universal-either your esthetician has “It” or doesn’t.  Typically, she doesn’t.  But you can find one who does have “It” at which point you will become “that” woman with the beautiful skin. 
We know a remarkable facial starts off with great skin care products.  But for the average consumer you are not going to know what line is better then another and realistically you shouldn’t have to do that much research before you book an appointment.  On average, skin care products now-a-days are advanced in formulation and more effective then ever.  It’s hard to go wrong with a line unless your esthetician is not educated about the line.  So when you book, simply ask if the esthetician is certified by the skin care line she uses.  If the receptionist says no, then politely say “thank you but no thank you“.  All reputable skin care lines require the aesthetic staff to be trained by a representative of the line to properly layer the ingredients on the skin.  In the event the spa has failed to pay for this education you do not want to be the demo model.  Run Run Run.  

That “It” factor is what we are going to uncover.  “It” is what you can’t buy, and can’t teach, and certainly can’t fake with great product.  The “It” begins with how your esthetician can relieve your tension starting from the top of the head down to the fingertips; how she can transport one’s soul to a far away land with simple scents and aromas; how she will coax a person into deep sleep with the rhythmic movement of her hands, at which point the experience begins and your esthetician begins to revitalize the skin.
Gentle exfoliants are used to soften outer layers of skin cells.  Decrustation products are applied to soften impurities.  Light steam rolls down towards the décolletage and softly up towards the face.  Your esthetician should always perform extractions safely with cotton-like fingers and maybe a light touch of a extractor if necessary for a slightly resistant clogged pore.  A client should not be uncomfortable and never ever have tears come to the eyes.   If you feel it is too painful, tell the esthetician to reduce the pressure.  If she doesn’t then tell her to skip it and move on.  You would rather handle the displeasure at the front desk rather then walk out with a broken blood vessel.  
Masking should also be an experience, not just the step during which she pats something on your skin and leaves you for dead.  Masking could feel soothing, refreshing or invigorating.  If there is sting-like sensation or burns then ask her to remove it.  Chances are the ingredients are too active and you will have a reaction.   The application of the mask should dance upon your skin and glide in unbroken strokes.  Once the mask application is complete, a remarkable esthetician will stay in the treatment room and provide a massage to the arms and hands. 
So if you are one of those people who have had a facial and didn’t like it,  please go again and again until you seek out that one esthetician who has that “It” factor.  The one who is so good you will come to believe that a facials are a necessity not a luxury.  They are healthy, not indulgent.  You will be happy, your skin will be transformed, and you will become happily accustomed to answering the question “What do you use on your skin? It’s flawless!”.  Happy Hunting.