FAIR LAWN, NJ - The homeowner who found the "noose" dangling from the tree in her front yard on Sunday morning said she is "satisfied" the rope in her tree was not placed there by someone local but rather by a utility worker.

Kelli McCloud, the homeowner who found what looked like a rope twisted into a noose on her tree Sunday morning, said Fair Lawn Police and Fire Departments "retrieved a piece of string from the wires above the tree that matched." 

McCloud had cut the rope down Sunday. She contemplated how it could have gotten there for a couple of hours after discovering it before calling the police, she said.

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After seeing the string matched, she said she's satisfied it wasn't placed there by someone local.

"Did the utility worker purposely tie it that way? Who knows," she said in a chat with TAPinto. "But that’s for the detectives to work out. But I’m relieved to know how it got there."

The borough, including Mayor Kurt Peluso and other officials, have been vocal on social media and other news outlets discussing the noose. Local bars were also buzzing about the issue.

The latest report from another media outlet quotes Peluso as convinced the string or rope was fashioned into a noose and promised officials were "doing everything we can" to find out who put it in the homeowner's tree.

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