Something about the allure of autumn makes you feel like a kid going back to school.  It will be warm for much of September and into October, but the crisp, fall days are coming. And with them come new clothes (and sharpened pencils!).  Many of us don’t have our moms dragging us to stores buying new shoes, socks and outfits, but there’s a silent inner push to do it for ourselves.  Where do we start?  How do we jump into fall?  A good place to begin is to review what you have.  Take stock: look, try on, and edit.  Keep only those things that you will wear confidently and often.  The rest – let go.  After you’ve taken this important step, you’re ready to see how and where you can add to your wardrobe.

So here we go.  Bright colors are making a play this fall.  Colorful topcoats are trendy, and combined with beige and black they add drama to your look.  Colorful knit sweaters are also big this fall; graphic print tops were featured heavily on the runways.  Shiny is always trendy, and black and patent leather jackets and coats will be big.  I’ve even seen leather shirts and skirts, but they are extremely pricey and out of reach for most of us.  If you bought a black leather jacket recently, pull it out now.  Boots are always fashionable – both high and short.  I love ankle boots because they’re versatile and work with slim pants as well as skirts and dresses, and feel a little less claustrophobic.  I also like the easy on, easy off attitude of ankle boots.  Dresses will continue to be big, and the look for this fall is the 1940’s style.  Printed with feminine swing and appeal, dresses continue to be a solid “go to.” Finally, soft corduroys are a compelling alternative to the ever-popular blue jean.  Soft and comfortable with a full range of colors, corduroy is a great choice for covering legs when the weather cools.

This fall, the trends seem to be in the details. Just one or two things  will make the difference in your wardrobe, and you won’t need to go overboard. Simple accessories always do the trick. Collar necklaces and cuffs are big now. Slim or wide, simple or embellished, the styles vary but they all make strong statements and can be paired with a simple top.  Animal printed accents are still popular, and if you are slightly daring, hair stylists will add feathers to a classic ponytail.  But if you can only add one change this fall – I would try a dark or shimmery blue nail polish.  That, and boots and you are set.

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And by the way, I’ve heard those in the know, including stylist and new designer Rachel Zoe, say that wearing white is fine after Labor Day.  In fact, winter white will be very trendy.  Wear white with black, and you’ve got a classic look.  Add confidence, and you’re dressed well.

In fact, wearing your clothes with confidence is the best fashion advice for fall that I can give you.


Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at