Here is a wrap-up of the fall season for Scotch Plains/Fanwood high school sports:

SPF Girls Tennis Battles Up and Down Season
Loses Last 5 to Finish the Season

Girls Tennis
Record: 8-13

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The SPF girls tennis team was at .500 before their last 5 games of the season, all of which they lost. Opening up to a 5-0 loss against Westfield, SPF won their second match convincingly, 5-0 against Plainfield. The Raiders followed their first win of the season with a close loss to Madison, 3-2. 6 out of the 8 wins by the SPF girls were followed by losses, and their win streak only extended to 2 games. Though there were ups and downs, Alex Sullivan had a successful season in singles 1, helping lead the SPF girls to close wins over New Providence, while Taylor Swaak helped get points on the board with her lone victory over Summit. 

Singles 1:
Alex Sullivan

Singles 2:
Alyssa Leyden

Singles 3:
Taylor Swaak
Gabrielle Mendes

Doubles 1:
Maxine Marvosa &Hannah Nizri
Sarah Freeman &Madison Maisel

Doubles 2:
Elsa Leistkow & Lindsey Wilkinson



L. Westfield-5, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-5, Plainfield-0
L. Madison-3, Scotch Plains-2
W. Scotch Plains-0, Union-2
L. Glen Ridge-4, Scotch Plains-1
L. Bridgewater-Raritan-5, Scotch Plain-0
W. Scotch Plains-5, Cranford-0
L. Summit-4, Scotch Plains-1
L. Westfield-5, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plain-3, Wardlaw-Hartridge-2
L. Gov Livingston-5, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-5, Iselin-Kennedy-0
W. Scotch Plains-3, N. Plainfield-2
L. Mendham-5, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-5, Watchung Hills-0
W. Scotch Plains-3, New Providence-2
L. J.P. Stevens-5, Scotch Plains-0
L. Summit-4, Scotch Plains-1
L. Gov. Livingston-5, Scotch Plains-0
L. Oak Knoll-5, Scotch Plains-0
L. Chatham-5, Scotch Plains-0

SPF Boys Soccer Rolls Through Regular Season, Falls in State Semis

Boys Soccer
Record: 21-4

Ellman, Morgan
Cortes, Travis
Flanzman, Scott
Schlisserman, Seth
Leischner, Andrew
Arocha, Eduardo
Babis, Billy
Scully, Kevin
Bianco, Vincenzo
Rodriquez, Justin
Tobon, Gio
Daly, Michael
Cortez, Travis
Stripling, Colin
Phillipe, Kwamir
Kelly, Conor
Zazzali, Christian
Lenoff, Zach
McMillan, Daniel
Mckenna, Ryan
Markowitz, Alex
Zukofsky, Rob
Wahtuse, Jassiem
Silverstein, Eli
Walsh, Michael

L. St. Benedicts-6, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Union-1
W. Scotch Plains-2, Linden-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Westfield-1
W. Scotch Plains-6, Cranford-0
W. Scotch Plains-8, Union Catholic-1
W. Scotch Plains-4, Kearny-0
W. Scotch Plains-1, Plainfield-0
L. Bridgewater-Raritan-2, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-4, Elizabeth-0
W. Scotch Plains-1, Union-0
W. Scotch Plains-4, Linden-0
W. Scotch Plains-7, Cranford-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Dayton-0
W. Scotch Plains-5, Plainfield-0
W. Scotch Plains-3, Elizabeth-0
W. Scotch Plains-5, East Side-1
W. Scotch Plains-5, Colonia-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Elizabeth-0
W. Scotch Plains-1, Union-0
W. Scotch Plains-4, West Morris-2
W. Scotch Plains-2, Chatham-0
L. Ramapo-1, Scotch Plains-0

The SPF boy’s soccer team had more than a successful season by any standard. They opened up the season with an unusual loss to a highly talented St. Benedict’s squad 6-0, after which they would win 7 straight over teams such as Union, Linden, Westfield, Cranford, Union Catholic, Kearny and Plainfield. SPF would lose their second game of the season against Bridgewater-Raritan 2-0, which would be their last loss in the regular season. SPF rolled to a county title with a decisive win over Union, who Scotch Plains beat multiple times over the course of the season. Between their loss to Bridgewater-Raritan and the state tournament, SPF won 13 straight games; recording wins over Elizabeth, Linden, Cranford, Plainfield, East Side, Colonia, West Morris, and Chatham. After such a successful regular season, SPF advanced the state semi-finals against a highly talented Ramapo team. In this game, SPF lost a close one 1-0, ending their successful season.

SPF Football Finishes Disappointing Season Winning Last 3 of 5

Record: 3-7

Channaoui, Ahmed
Rice, Dein
Alleman, Steve
Villegas, Mike
Alleman, Brad
Mrozek, Rob
Brensons, Zach
Letteiri, James
Colineri, Michael
Dagostaro, Jordan
Kaiser, Jamie
Polhamus, Richard
Singletary, Tyree
Miller, Andrew
L. Westfield-17, Scotch Plains-0
L. Rahway-24, Scotch Plains-17
L. Delaware Valley- 27, Scotch Plains-22
L. Cranford 27, Scotch Plains-7
L. Somerville-17, Scotch Plains-14
W. Scotch Plains-26, Vorhees-14
W. Scotch Plains-34, N. Plainfield-0
W. Scotch Plains-34, West Morris-7
L. Elizabeth-31, Scotch Plains-17
L. South Plainfield- 21, Scotch Plains-14

Krieger, Ian
Byers, Anthony
Cunningham, Jack
Murphy, John
Lettieri, Anthony
Tufaro, Anthony
Jegede, Matthew
McQuiod, Sam
Castore, Billy


The SPF football team has more of a rebuilding year than anything. The beginning of the season was more of a struggle than any other point. SPF opened up in a loss against Westfield, and added three more losses to have their record stand at 0-4 going into week 5 of the season. The first win of the season came against Vorhees, where SPF won by two scores. Following their first win of the season SPF continued to roll and posted wins over N. Plainfield and West Morris. Following their brief, three-game win streak, SPF lost to Elizabeth and S. Plainfield to finish out the season 3-7. With losses against eventual state champion Cranford and a highly touted Westfield squad, SPF looks to build on the success they had this season and implement the strategies used to win those games for next season.


Bumiller and Peluso Lead SPF Gymnastics to a Strong Finish

Record: 9-6

Nardone, Emily
Stein, Zoe
Mullen, Heather
Calabria, Melissa
Peluso, Alexandra
DeVore, Dariana
Bush, Jamie
Margulies, Arielle
Baldwin, Elizabeth
Phelan, Meghan
DiBella, Marissa
Butler, Rachel
McNichol, Maddie
Scheu, Danielle
Gara, Melissa
Bumiller, Kacie
Yessman, Megan
Lockfled, Lauren

W. Scotch Plains-100.225, Union Catholic-70.55
W. Scotch Plains-98.7, Elizabeth-48.45
L. Cranford-105.35, Scotch Plains-104.1
W. Scotch Plains-98.375, Union-90.325
W. Scotch Plains-98, Union Catholic- 95.05
L. E. Brunswick-108.025, Scotch Plains-105.3
W. Scotch Plains-100.75, Johnson-79.55
W. Scotch Plains-96.2, Dayton-37.5
L. Westfield-106.25, Scotch Plains-104
L. Bishop Ahr-109.225, Scotch Plains-102.8
W. Scotch Plains-104.375, N. Brunswick-87.4
W. Scotch Plains-105.15, Ridge-98.15
L. Bridgewater-Raritan-108.05, Scotch Plains-107.7

The SPF gymnastics team lost a few meets, but that does not mean that each and every one was not close. Keeping each meet competitive, SPF opened their season with two straight wins over Union Catholic and Elizabeth, both by decisive margins. Their first loss of the year came to Cranford, where they lost by a little over a single point. Following their first loss, SPF rebounded with yet another win over Union Catholic, and against Union High School, before losing a nail-biter to E. Brunswick 108.025-105.3. In each meet that SPF lost, their opponent’s margin of victory was only greater than 3.5 points one time. With so many close calls, the SPF girl’s gymnastics team took their talents to the North Jersey, Section 2 championships where they placed 4th as a team. Kacie Bumiller had an outstanding showing in the vault, earning a score of 9.125 (enough to earn her a tie for 4th place), and Alexandra Peluso scored a 9.15 in the balance beam to also earn a 4th place finish in her event.

SPF Volleyball Avenges Early Losses to Win 9 Games

Record: 9-16

Enners, Brooke
Krempa, Isabella
Koederitz, Lauren
Gutierrez, Fatima
Rielly, Shannon
Reimers, Delaney
Charles, Christine
Renfree, Samantha
Lapham, Kelly
Killeen, Sara
Fletcher, Katherine
Sweeney, Tara




L. Elizabeth-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. Summit-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. Cranford-2, Scotch Plains-1
L. Westfield-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. Union Catholic-2, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Whippany Park-0
L. Morristown-2, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Linden-0
L. Kent Place-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. Roselle Catholic-2, Scotch Plains-1
L. Union-2, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Elizabeth-1
W. Scotch Plains-2, Rahway-1
W. Scotch Plains02, Dayton-0
L. Parsippany-2, Scotch Plains-1
W. Scotch Plains-2, Westfield-0
L. Union Catholic-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. Roselle Catholic-2, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Iselin Kennedy-0
L. Union-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. Roselle Catholic-2, Scotch Plains-0
L. J.P. Stevens 2, Scotch Plains-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, Edison-0
W. Scotch Plains-2, New Providence-1
L. Bridgewater-Raritan-2, Scotch Plains-0

The SPF girl’s volleyball team had numerous ups and downs throughout the season. They opened up the 2011 season 5 straight games to Elizabeth, Summit, Cranford, Westfield, and Union Catholic. Their first of 9 wins came in the 6th game of the season where they upended Whippany Park 2-0. SPF also rode a three-game win streak beating Elizabeth, Rahway, and Dayton in the middle of the season. Though there were significantly more defeats than victories, SPF held their own by avenging losses to Elizabeth and Westfield later on in the season.